Woven polypropylene or high density polyethylene bags with liner are strong packaging bags used for the packaging of fine grade (fine granules), pulverous and force flowing material such as chemicals and fertilizers, animal feed, sugar, flour etc. These bags with liner not only protect the products from external elements but also ensure complete safety against any leakage and pilferage. These bags are naturally tear resistant, minimizing or eliminating product loss so often associated with other packaging products. These bags add improved pest resistance to help keep products pest-free and pure.

These polypropylene or high density polyethylene woven bags with liner can be customized to your specifications. They have flexibility in design, with or without multi-color printing. These can be laminated (coated) or non-laminated (uncoated) bags. The benefits make these woven bags the choice of many customers. Multi-color printing allows ultimate marketing possibilities.

Product Features

  • Flexible and high strength
  • Affordable and low cost
  • Can be printed on both sides
  • Flat or anti‐slip weaving
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-staining
  • Reusable and durable
  • Easy to clean and anti-bacterial
  • Light weight and breathable
  • Can be stored in an open area
  • Requires little storage space
  • Resistance to stress and cracking
  • High operational temperatures
  • Humidity resistant material
  • Recyclable

Technical Specifications

  • UV Protection: 200 to 1600 hours        
  • Denier (thickness of woven strands): 400 & above
  • Length: As required
  • Mesh: 4 x 4 to 16 x 16 (or as required)
  • Weight: 30 GSM to 140 GSM and above
  • Strength: As required in warp way and weft way
  • Colors: As specified
  • Capacity: As specified
  • Printing:  Multi-color on one or both sides
  • Elongation: As required
  • Stitching: Single or double fold with single or          double thread
  • Bottom seam strength as required
  • Water and dust proof design with inside PE liner,          laminated on the outside
  • Packaging: Bale press packing, palletized                   (as required)


  • Food Products: Flour, Corn, Grain, Sugar, Salt,          Animal Feed
  • Chemicals and Fertilizers: Carbon, Caustic Soda,          Potash, Phosphates
  • Petrochemicals: Polymers, Granules,PVC                   Compound
  • Minerals: Cement, Calcium Carbonate, Lime,          Sand
  • Other pulverous and force flowing material

Basic Construction of PP/HDPE Bags with Liner:


  • Circular Woven Non-laminated (Uncoated) With loose PE Liner

            Bottom Stitched

Technical Specifications

  • Lamination: 12 micron to 50 micron or above

            (10 GSM to 48 GSM) or above
  • Cutting: Heat cutting, Cold cutting and Zig zag cutting


  • Cement, urea and minerals
  • Resin, polymers and rubber
  • Dates and agricultural products
  • Fish meal and cattle feed
  • Sugar and salt
  • Sand, metal parts and concrete elements
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Mails, letters and documents

Basic Construction of PP/HDPE Bags with Liner:

Circular Woven Non-laminated (Uncoated)/Laminated (Coated) Both ends Sewn Valve Type Mouth

Circular Woven Bottom Stitched Laminated (Coated) or Non-laminated (Uncoated)

Box Bags/Bale Wraps may be stitched with a lid. Laminated (Coated)/Non-laminated (Uncoated)